The #1 White Label Software Platform 
To Help Agencies Grow Their Business 

Built For Agencies, By An Agency


  • 100% White Label Platform With SSL 
  • ​Your Own SaaS Platform & Business 
  • ​Advanced Business Analytic Dashboard
  • ​Integrated Lead Gen Landing Page
  • ​Set & Forget Technology
  • ​Advanced Widget Customization  
  • ​2-Way Text Messaging 
  • ​​Text Message & Email Notification
  • ​​Business Caller ID
  • ​GDRP Compliant
  • International Numbers
  • ​Zapier Integration (coming soon)

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Dr. Ben Akins 

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So What Can RingBot Do For You?

100% White Label SaaS Platform 
To Grow Your Business

Now you can have your very own Software As A Service (SaaS) platform that you can call your own. This is your ultimate ace in the hole, your own 100K+ platform. 

Fully Branded To Your Business On Your Own URL...

Increase Sales Calls On Your Custom Website & Build A Consistent Recurring Revenue For Your Digital Agency 

How Does It Work On Your Customers Websites?

Artificial Intelligence

Your customers website visitors clicks the call widget icon in the lower right/left hand corner of the website or our artificial intelligence prompts the widget to open at the ideal time.

The Pop Up

A mobile friendly pop-up prompts them to enter their phone number to request an instant callback from your customers business. The website visitor can also schedule a call later when it is more convenient for them.  

14 Second Instant Call Back

Your SaaS platform calls your customers business, and when their sales team or front desk staff answer they are prompted to claim the call by simply pressing one on their phone.

Instantly Connected

After your customers presses on their phone your software automatically initiates a call to your customers website visitor connecting them within 14 seconds. Increasing conversion and improving customers experience. 

Two-Way Text Messaging

Your SaaS platform has built in two-way text messaging for your customers. It is a simple dashboard to send, receive, and manage text message conversations online or on the go. Engage with your customers faster with two-way texting and close the deal.

Your Customers Text Online From Their Computer

We Have All The Features Your Customers Will Ever Need

Your customers will contact leads when they are most likely to make a purchase. Your customers will get  prospects on the phone with their sales team while they are still on your customers website. Generate more leads for your customers and increase conversion rates while streamlining the sales process for your customers.

Instant Callback

Engage your website visitors with an instant call back within 14 seconds.

24/7 Call Management

Manage calls based on customers business hours and enable call scheduling during off hours.

Automatic Call Retry

When business owner does not answer, the system will automatically retries the call.

Business Caller ID

Set the caller ID to the business and the calls to the visitor will come from the businesses main phone line.

Customizable Widget

Customize call buttons, pop-ups, and calls-to-action to match your brand and messaging

Two-Way Texting

A simple dashboard to send, receive, and manage text message conversations online or on the go.

Text Auto-Reply

When a text message is requested our system will automatically send a welcome message.

International Numbers

RingBot supports international numbers so you can use our software in other countries. 

Real-Time Reporting

Your customer reporting gives them deep insight into their prospects and employees. 

Automated Notification 

When call are missed or scheduled the business owner receives text & email notifications

Additional Features

Setup Wizard

A simple wizard that guides you through setting up your call widget in less than 5 minutes.

Text Notifications

SMS alerts to the prospect and business, when call is scheduled or missed.

Exit Monitoring

Advanced Exit Technology triggers the callback widget when your visitor intends to leave your site.

Intelligent Routing

It is simple to direct calls to agents in the office or on their mobile phones.

Intelligent Pop Ups

The callback widget automatically pops up at the right moment prompting the visitor to initiate an instant callback.

Responsive Design

The fully responsive widget automatically adjust to the screen size for flawless user experience

Exclusive Agency Bonuses

  • No Charge For White Label
  • Double The Number of Accounts 
  • FREE Trial, no cost to sign up
  • ​Weekly Sales Training (can't loose with this)
  • ​Lead Generation Landing Page
  • 2-Way Text Messaging 
  • ​International Numbers
  • ​COVID-19 Business Rescue Package
  • Unlimited Calls 
  • ​Zapier Integration (coming soon)

This "Sales Process" Helped Grow Our Software Company & Eventually We Sold It To A Private Equity Firm For Millions Of Dollars! - SEE BELOW

How Does It Work?

This Proven Sales Process is a 9-module online workshop complete with a 15 page fill-in-the-blanks Sales Process template that's divided into easy to consume bite size chunks

STEP 1: We're going to get you setup then identify your ideal product and niche. We're going to tell you exactly what to say in your prospecting messages and engagement funnels. This will prime the pump so your prospects get ready to start asking YOU to take their money.

Step 2: We're going build the core engine of your sales process. We give you the exact discovery questions and sales script that will drive your confidence and conversion rate through the roof. 

Step 3: We're going "install" the Complete Sales Process into your business and then crank up the prospecting to grow your business using RingBot as your product. 

Course Breakdown

This Online Video Course Breaks Down Every Step Into Bite-Size Chunks…

Each module you'll complete a new step in the "Sales Process Blueprint," and by the time we’re finished you’ll have everything you need to grow your business.

Module 1: Core Concepts of a Proven Sales Process

There is a blueprint for making your sales process repeatable, profitable and automated. In this module, we'll give you the 10 thousand foot over view and map out the 5-step "Sales Process Blueprint" that turns strangers into prospects and new customers.  

Module 2: The One Method 

Under what conditions will the right prospect almost always buy? We will be exploring this question in this module once you’ve identified your Ideal Product, Niche and Sales process, we can start to building your Proven Sales Process. 

Module 3: Prospect Like A Boss

Engagement Events are powerful because they create "opportunities" where your prospect is far more likely to engage. In this module, you’ll learn how to create Engagement Events with your prospects and then leverage these “opportunities” to increase sales and conversions.

Module 4: Architecting Your Ideal Engagement Funnel 

How do we make make sure you are targeting and engaging with the right prospects? In this module we teach you how to send the proper messages so your ideal prospect raises their hand. Weeding out the bad actors and focusing on the qualified prospects can drastically increase your conversion rates. 

Module 5: The Ultimate Sales Script

What can we do to make the sale the logical next step? Even better, how do we make the sale your prospects idea so they actually ASK to buy from you? Becoming a Master at this step is the key to “selling without being salesy”. In this module, you will get the exact word-for-word Sales Script to (at least) double your conversion rates.

Module 6 – Present Like A Pro Every Time

Delivering a consistent repeatable presentation to your prospect will create the "ideal buying situation". In this module we teach you how to use a presentation to keep things short simple and to the point. Creating clarity and focus with your prospect makes the buying decision a logical next step.

Module 7 – Closing The Sale

Closing the sale without being pushy or "salesy" on your first call, even if you aren't a natural sales person. If you have followed the blueprint, used the qualifying sales script and presented your product closing the sale should be the easy part. In this module we teach you how to use the "magic closing question" to get you a yes or no every time. 

Module 8 – On-Boarding Your Customers The Right Way

Congratulation you have closed a sale and have a new customers. Doing this part of the sales process correctly can mean the difference to keeping a customers for years instead of just a few months. We'll teach you how to cement your relationship with your customer to keep them long term. 

Module 9 – Keep Your Customers For Years Not Months

Now that you have a completed "Your Sales Process Blueprint" it's time take your business to the next level. In this module, we wrap up the final piece of the blueprint and bring everything together. You have all the assets and templates you need to start your business from scratch or take your existing business to the next level.

This Proven Sales Process Just. Flat. Works.

This Sales Process has been tested and proven to work in dozens of industries from:

Local Marketing Agencies...
Website Developers...
Social Media Managers...
SEO Professionals...
Real Estate Companies...
Mortgage Companies...
SaaS Platforms...
And so many more...

So, whether you're working from your parents basement or a 6 or 7 figure agency, this Proven Sales Process will work for you.

Not Only Do I Own My Own Marketing Agency
I Also Practice What I Preach 

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  • $297 White Label Platform Fee
  • Host On Your Own Domain
  • Lead Gen Landing Page
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  • Unlimited Installs
  •  $297 White Label Platform Fee
  • Host On Your Own Domain
  • Lead Gen Landing Page
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Get ready to boost your Recurring Revenue with an amazing new piece of software that generates leads for your customers on autopilot.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is RingBot easy to sell to businesses?
Yes this may be one of the easiest things I have ever sold to a business. We have had many people sign up for RingBot and get new customers in less than 48 hours. Just follow our proven sales process and you will be closing new deals in no time flat.
What are the main benefits of RingBot to our Customers?
1. Improve customer experience, many times businesses don't get back to their prospects and customers for days. RingBot eliminates that and connects the two parties in less than 15 seconds. If they aren't connected everyone is notified immediately through email and text message.
2. Increase the conversion rate on your customers website. We have seen 50%+ increase in conversion rates on sites we have added RingBot too.
3. Monitor staff and business performance. Calls can be recorded to monitor how the staff is handling customers. Detailed analytics dashboard to see how well the staff and business are handling incoming calls. Huge Selling Opportunity...
4. And, much, much more...
What happens when someone schedules a call through the widget?
First the system will send out an email and text message to the business and visitor letting them know of the scheduled call. At the scheduled time the system will automatically call the business and connect the visitor. If the business doesn't answer the system will automatically retry multiple times and ultimately send another message if they aren't connected. Drastically improving customers experience. 
Does the system do two-way text messaging?
Yes the system is fully text enabled and your customers can easily text back and forth with their customers through our desktop messaging center. 
Do you have an explainer video to help sell the software?
Yes we have a full white label explainer video that you can download and use in your marketing. 
How does RingBot compare to a Chat widget?
We did a study and put a chat widget on a high traffic site for one month and then the call widget on the site for one month. While the chat widget was on the site we generate no sales from it and they were mainly customer service questions. While the call widget was on the site we had 15 sales and very little customers service questions. When was the last time you bought something over chat?
Do you have a chat feature?
Yes we have what we call Chat On The Go. The customers simple enters their cell phone number in chat box and your customers will stat chatting back and fourth via text message. Easily allow your customer to keep the conversation going. 
Do you have marketing material and training on how to sell this software?
Yes we have marketing materials, presentations, cold email scripts, white label VSL and lead magnets to help you convert your prospects. 
What happens if the business doesn't answer when a visitor requests a call?
We have built in Artificial Intelligence and the system will automatically retry up to 3 times. If they don't get connected then the system sends out an email and text message to the business and the person who requested the call.
How are calls counted against the business?
A call is a successful connection between a potential customer and the business that lasts over 5 seconds, but less than 10 minutes. Each 10 minute time period is deducted as a call.
What happens if miss the launch special and want to sign up later?
You will miss out on all of the launch special pricing and bonuses. You can see everything you get during the launch special on the sales page. You will be subject to the standard public pricing
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